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Seakayaker, flygirl, backpacker in addition to possum hunter and heron herder, Mollie, Adventure and Danger Dog Extraordinaire, has no fear!

Mollie has been kayaking since she was nine months old and considers herself an avid sea kayaker.

Sometimes sea kayaking is tough work, though...

Mollie is big on backpacking, too. However, in order for Mollie to guide the way, she needs to position herself high over the brush...

Mollie recently went on her first airplane ride.

After donning her flying gear (including her special headgear to protect her ears from the loud plane), Mollie hopped up onto the seat to take over the controls!

But Boblotsafun was notsofun this day and wouldn't let Mollie fly the plane. So Mollie took the backseat, deciding co-pilot was a pretty important position, too


Performing the duties of a co-pilot is very demanding and at the end of a long day, there's nothing quite like Boblotsafun's tennis shoes in which to bury a tired sleepy head.

Mollie, Adventure and Danger Dog Extraordinaire, practices each year for her position as guide to eight reindeer and a really big guy in a red suit whose passion is cookies and milk...

Mollie has also undertaken the task of training a new assistant who requires no small amount of patience. Hallie is an avid and very enthusiastic) student.

And Mollie's latest student is rough and rowdy Kellie.

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